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On November 22nd of 1991 Lawrence Dale Evans was arrested for the following crimes: Grand Theft Auto, Kidnapping (of a child under the age of 12), and Sexual Misconduct (of a child under the age of 12). The crime was committed on the 11th of November. With statements from eyewitnesses and the victim (as well as the states star witness Ruth D’April who was also involved in the crimes), police and detectives were able to determine that on the 11th day of November 1991 Ruth D’April and an unidentified male had stolen a neighbors truck and gone joy riding. The man was described (by the victim and the eye witnesses who were present at the time of the abduction) as having long hair, a beard, and a bunch of tattoos. At some point after they had stolen the vehicle, they made a conscious decision to take a small girl who was outside playing with her brother and her brothers friend.
During the course of this interaction, witnesses stated that a man jumped out of his truck to snatch the little girl Nichole ******. As the unidentified man grabbed Nichole and turned to bring her to the stolen vehicle, the brother and friend of the brother noticed what was happening and had a physical struggle with the man as they tried desperately to keep him from taking her. The man was able to shove them away long enough to toss Nichole into the front seat where Ruth D’April was waiting to restrain her. The pair of kidnappers got into their stolen vehicle and made their escape. Other witnesses stated that they saw the truck speeding away.
From the statement taken from the victim and the states star witness after the fact, it can be concluded that Ruth had held the victim down throughout the duration of the abduction. It is uncertain that there was any real sexual abuse that took place as a rape kit determined that there was no penetration, the hymen was in-tact, and there was no semen found. In the transcripts from the recorded interview it does seem as though the child victim was led into stating that she had been touched inappropriately and in a sexual manor. However, the victim claimed that while they were driving Ruth D’April covered her mouth with her hand and that the man had reached into her pants private area. She was never able to articulate if there had been any penetration.
At some point while they were driving with the abducted child and heading into the desert, the vehicle broke down and the unidentified male fled the scene leaving Ruth and the child behind with the stolen vehicle. A short time later some men driving by saw the headlights and Ruth sitting on the hood of the vehicle with the victim. The men came over to help as she had begun to scream out for help and wave them down frantically when she noticed their vehicle. She asked them to call the police and told them the little girl had been kidnapped.
When police arrived Ruth D’April was taken into custody. I have been told (yet have no documentation) that Ruth was asked repeatedly who was the male in the vehicle with her and that she had given them several names before settling on Lawrence Evans. Lawrence was her recent ex-boyfriend with whom she had two children. She was also already on probation for drug charges and was supposed to be attending drug classes as well as parenting classes to get custody of her two children. One, she had left at the hospital after birth because she was afraid the toxicity report would come back dirty and she would face charges. The second child, she had left under the care of a friend during this incident while the father (Lawrence Evans) was out of town in California trying to help his sick mother with her vehicle along with his brother. She knew at this point that she was facing serious prison time and began to do everything in her power to ensure that she would remain free.
The police were not able to find Lawrence Evans until several days later as he did not return from California until the 14th. It is important to note that Lawrence Evans had left for California on the 7th of November and stayed for a full week before returning. Six people were alibi witnesses to testify to the fact that he had been in California during that time. 1. His Mother 2. His brother 3. His brothers girlfriend as well as 3 friends of the family. Their testimonies were dismissed and considered inadmissible in court due to the fact that they “may have reason to lie for him”.
At this point I think that it is important to mention that Ruth D’April (the states star witness) had been classified by the state as a pathological liar. She had very good reason to lie against Lawrence Evans as they had recently broken up and Lawrence was considering taking full custody of their two children and having her parental rights terminated. She was dating another man at this time by the name of Curtis Fischer. I think it is also important to note that Lawrence Evans did not and had never (even to this day) worn a beard and was unable to grow one. He also (to this day) has no visible tattoos, and has never worn his hair very long. Curtis Fischer matched that description perfectly.
Yet even after all of this, there is still one more piece of evidence that is even more important. Lawrence Evans had just recently gotten surgery done on his left wrist to the tendons and musculature therein. His arm was in a sling and he had been instructed by the surgeon not to lift anything using that arm. So, this begs an important question… how did a man who did not have the full use of his left arm steal a manual truck, then drive it, then forcibly abduct a little girl, while fighting off her brother and friend, pick her up and throw her into the vehicle, drive while touching the girl and not use his left arm for entirety of the crime spree? Why were his alibi witnesses not allowed to testify when Ruth (a state classified pathological liar) was allowed to testify against him and her testimony be heard as fact? Why was his request for different legal representation on the grounds of ineptitude and not having his best interests in mind dismissed? Why was the legal representation for Lawrence Evans told that he could not resign from the case and would have to see it through its entirety? Why would a judge force a man, who has no desire to represent his defendant, to do a job he clearly did not want to do? Knowing that the defendants case for innocence would almost surely suffer as a result.
As much as all of this seems like it would be enough to have the case dropped immediately... we are still only just barely scratching the surface of the misconduct that happened throughout the entirety of this case. Ruth D’April was told that she would be receiving no special favors for her testimony. Yet after the decision was made to incarcerate Lawrence Evans, she was taken off of her probation, drug classes, and parenting classes. She wrote a letter to Lawrence Evans apologizing to him for lying and that she only did it because she was angry. She went on to say that she hoped that he wasn’t angry with her and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her. She knew that he knew of some things she had done that could have put her in prison as well.
During the appeal for this case the letters were shown as evidence. A handwriting analysis was conducted, and then a second analysis was conducted because the first one proved to be a match. The first analysis was never allowed to be shown in court and in the second analysis she had changed the way she writes a few of her letters. However, I have been receiving letters from Ruth for most of my life and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was the one who penned the letter admitting that she had lied. The reason that I know it was her is because of the way she starts most letters is always the same. Ex. “Dear ******, How are you doing? Good I hope.” That was the exact wording in the letter she had sent to Lawrence.
Lawrence Evans paid $25,000 to a lawyer to represent him on another appeal. The game plan was to bring Lawrence in front of a particular judge with whom the lawyer had good report with and had told Lawrence that his best chance at winning his appeal would be to plead his case to this particular judge and they would have to do in in the next few months as the judge was close to retirement. That was 10 years ago. That lawyer still hasn’t done anything to have earned the $25,000 retainer fee that he charged Lawrence and he does not respond to any inquiries about the case any longer.
Lawrence Evans has been studying criminal law in the law libraries in prison. He knows his rights even though he is in prison. So needless to say, that in such a corrupt prison system he does not have many friends amongst the guards. He learned how to best fill out grievance forms and even began showing other inmates how to do it as well. As a result of this he has been a victim of retaliation from the more corrupt officers within the prison system. During a fight that broke out in the mess hall one morning (Lawrence was not involved) the correctional officers ordered everyone to get on the ground. Lawrence was in compliance with their orders when officers opened fire upon him. He was not even close to the two inmates who had been fighting. He was hit with over 100 bird shot pellets fired from a 12 gauge shotgun.
After this ordeal, he was told by the facility doctor that he could not treat him for the nerve damage that would occur while using the tools provided by the prison facility and that he would need to be transferred to a hospital for further treatment. That never happened. He was held in solitary confinement and filed for a lawsuit against the facility and officers who had shot him. He won that case. He received a settlement as well and remained in solitary confinement for more than 2 years. He has now applied for a writ of habeas corpus and has been incarcerated for more than 25 years. He has maintained his innocence the whole time. He could be out tomorrow if he were to admit guilt. He will not admit guilt. I cannot say I blame him.

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Attn:my dad Lawrence we will need your complete credit card info and address including bank name. God bless you and your family.
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